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Uncanny Automator Developer Resources

Get started with Automator development

Welcome to our resource site, aspiring Automator Developer! This site will be evolving over the Automator releases to include guides, tutorials and other documentation for Uncanny Automator plugin developers.

For now, check out these important resources to support your Uncanny Automator development:

  1. Uncanny Automator plugin documentation
  2. Uncanny Automator terminology
  3. Creating an Uncanny Automator integration
  4. Adding a Trigger to an integration
  5. Adding an Action to an integration
  6. Adding an Automator Pro condition
  7. Adding a settings page for an app integration
  8. Sample integration plugin

Additional resources are coming soon! Make sure you add yourself to the mailing list using the form to the right if you want to receive future developer updates.


Sign up for the Automator Developer List

If you are building or have built plugins for Uncanny Automator, we encourage you to sign up for our mailing list and developer Slack channel. Please note that only developers with some experience building solutions for Automator will be accepted, and the Slack channel is for development questions only (not general support).

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